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WiFi Diagnostics

If you have a problem with WiFi performance in a particular area, at work or at home, this can have several causes:

  • Interference: WiFi and non WiFi devices causing radio interference that blocks WiFi transmissions.

  • High utilisation: Too many devices transmitting on one frequency and blocking each other’s communications

  • Configuration: Bad configuration of the wireless equipment.

  • Hardware problems: A faulty access point or router, or a faulty client device (laptop, mobile phone).

  • Software problems: The drivers and software running on your access point, router or client device.

  • Underlying network: the wired network, switches, routers used to run the WiFi network.

  • The internet connection: Problems with the internet connection provided by your ISP.

How We Can Help

Identifying which of these factors is to blame by a process of trial and error can be tricky and time consuming. Sometimes the problems can be caused by a combination of factors, which can add to the complexity!

By using professional diagnostic tools we can take measurements that can be quickly used to prove or disprove a potential cause, and identify the steps to resolve the issue.

We also provide full diagnostic reports as documentary evidence of the data for your records.

Diagnostic visits are available from £75 plus VAT. Get in touch with the details of your problem and we will be happy to book in a site visit!

Please note: We always recommend you speak to your Internet Provider first. The issue may be something they need to fix, or they may provide replacement hardware under warranty.

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