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Case Study 1 - The Farplants Group - Finishing Centre

The Farplants Group is one of the largest wholesale suppliers of outdoor plants to garden centres and garden centre chains in the uk. A co-operative group of four West Sussex growers, they grow over 11 million plants a year on 70 hectares of covered and outdoor production units.

The Farplants finishing centre is a large warehouse facility, where plants from the nurseries are prepared for delivery to customers. Pots are washed, labels applied, and trolleys stocked with orders. To make the process as efficient as possible, the Farplants in-house team of developers have produced a fulfilment system whereby warehouse operatives scan and pack plants using handheld devices to ensure that trolleys are properly packed and checked, ready for delivery. This system relies on reliable WiFi performance in an extremely challenging environment; a high density of users, and loaded trolleys affecting signal propagation as they move through the facility.

The Finishing Centre

The WiFi Medics from Johnson IP Technology carried out a full survey and health check of the WiFi network to identify issues that were impacting performance.

During the survey, several issues were identified including:

  • AP channel assignment problems.

  • High utilisation on the 2.4ghz network.

  • Configuration issues.

  • Minor gaps in coverage.

  • A faulty access point.

We produced a full report of findings, provided support in adjusting configurations to improve the network performance and made recommendations as to the best locations for future access point installation to improve capacity and fill some minor gaps in 5ghz coverage.

WiFi Medics carried out a subsequent validation survey to test the impact of the configuration changes to the network. Improvements were measured including:

  • Up to 30% improvement in network capacity on 2.4ghz.

  • Measured real throughput performance improvements of between 8 and 35 Mbps.

“ Johnson IP Technology are extremely knowledgeable of the details of complex Wi-Fi networks. They took the time to understand the business needs for our Wi-Fi network at Farplants. J-IP Technology delivered significant improvements to both network throughput and the number of supported clients, all without any additional equipment purchases, or moving access points. We would use J-IP Technology again for our wireless projects either existing or new.” - Jonathan Freestone, Head of IT, The Farplants Group

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